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Cardiovascular Health

Being in a sauna helps regulate blood pressure and circulation by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Studies have shown that the more you sauna in frequency and length, the more long-term risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced.


Improve Mood

Your body kindly releases endorphins during sauna use, which help relieve pain, reduce stress and improves your sense of well-being. It is why we experience that magical blissful feeling after using the sauna, reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety, with preventative benefits lasting for several weeks.


Improved Stress Response & Overall Health

The sauna is a safe and tranquil space, offering a retreat from the burdens of everyday life. But the heat that we expose ourselves to in a controlled manner also decreases cortisol levels (the acute stress hormone). The heat even boosts the production of hormones and proteins that are vital for muscle growth and resilience.



Sweating facilitates the excretion of certain toxicants that accumulate in the body. Those who have been in a sauna will know, sauna makes you sweat buckets. The average person loses approximately 0.5 kg of sweat while sauna bathing.



Regular sauna treatments support your body’s natural immunity by raising your core temperature outside the range where bacteria and viruses can thrive. The heat of a sauna also stimulates the production of proteins that boost immune function and help prevent common infections.


Increased mental focus & attention

Sauna use increases the release of hormones norepinephrine (aka noradrenaline) and prolactin, both of which are key players in cognitive and mental function. When these are released there is a feeling of alertness and raised levels of energy and focus.


Improved Sleep Quality

The heat generated in a sauna encourages a sleep-inducing response by raising your body temperature, which then gradually decreases after leaving the sauna. This natural cooling process signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep, contributing to improved sleep quality. Our Full moon sessions are the perfect slots to make the most of this.


There is a wealth of research and knowledge out there on the benefits of sauna. If you are interested in learning more we recommend checking out these incredible resources.

Huberman Lab
Soberg Institute
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