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The health benefits of sauna are widely talked about and we love that you leave every session a little bit healthier than you started. We would say it's got to be one of the easiest workouts you can do.


Saunas are such a catalyst for good conversation and provide a safe space to talk to friends and strangers alike. We think you will love the community element of sauna, our lovely customers certainly always leave us with a smile.


All about that post sauna glow. Pair it with a cold plunge and not only will you get that relaxed sauna feeling but also a big dopamine hit. The effects literally last for days and are scientifically proven to make you happier.

Maya, Momentum Retreats

"We've been working with Sauna Box for almost three years now and it's been nothing but amazing. Tom is a pleasure to collaborate with, from organising events and planning involved to the way he leads the fire & ice experiences with our clients. He highlights the benefits in such a tangible way and out of all the activities we host at our company and leadership retreats, the Sauna Box experience is the one which receives the best feedback (again and again). Cannot recommend enough working with Tom and his team."

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