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If you want a sauna that is super mobile, this is the one for you! The luxury of an authentic Finnish sauna on the inside and the rustic feel of an upcycled horse box on the outside. These are built using the highest quality timber from Scandinavia and include our favourite Finnish sauna stove as standard. 

MODEL 1 (5-6 person)

MODEL 2 (7-8 person)

from £15,000

from £17,000

*prices exc VAT

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Every sauna we build is slightly different and we love working with our customers to choose a design that is right for you. We are very happy with our standard design, so much so these are what we use ourselves for our community saunas. However, there are many ways to customise these saunas including the choice of timber, upgrading the stove and adding windows or lighting systems. Please get in touch via the button above to start the conversation about your sauna.

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